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Preston General Engineering (PGE), a division of ABCOR Pty Ltd, is the industry leader in the fabrication and assembly of metal, aluminium and stainless steel parts. PGE has a strong commitment of service to provide quality products that are on time, using the latest manufacturing practices and strict adherence to quality systems.


PGE has a proven track record of performance to deliver cost effective and on time solutions. The companies' commitment to quality performance is reflected in the ongoing investment of the latest technology in manufacturing equipment and the enviable reputation of achieving 50 PPM quality target. The products manufactured range from bull bars, chassis rails, mounts, panels, batteries and heavy duty brackets.


Preston General Engineering has a wealth of industry experience and knowledge, with both services and products being proudly and consistently upheld. It is the combination of experience, innovation, knowledge and commitment to deliver the highest quality service that makes PGE a market and industry leader in it's field.


Preston General Engineering was awarded the

Kenworth Supplier of the Year in 2012

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