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The following files are available for download. These include company information, the FUPS tester demonstration and a handy conversion program.

FUPS (Front Underrun Protection System) is a new requirement for heavy vehicles that wish to comply with ADR 84. This standard allows the operators to carry an increased payload and will be compulsory from 2012. The aim of a FUPS bull bar during an accident is to push a vehicle out of the way rather than folding the bull bar under the truck. This may create a ramp effect for the truck to ride over the vehicle.


The test requires the bull bar to be loaded at two points with a high load. The Bull Bar must withstand these loads with a minimum amount of distortion.

The attached file shows a 3D animation of the FUPS testing device we are developing. It is fully automatic and all inputs like time, force, displacement are all computer controlled and recorded. This testing apparatus is state of the art and reflects our position as the premier OEM Bumper Bar and Bull Bar supplier in Australia.


To view an animated PDF presentation click here. (3.3Mb)
(Requires Adobe Reader V9 or above)

Requires Adobe Reader. To download click here. (45Mb)




PGE Company Information PDF available for download click here. (1Mb)

Requires Adobe Reader. To download click here. (45Mb)


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